Chile voted Best Country in the World

Chile is the undisputed winner of the WCA 2023

The Chilians can be proud of their country as it has been voted Best Country in the World last night (Wednesday February, 8) during the annual WCA ceremony. The Chilian people were also voted Nicest people on the planet.

More than a hundred prizes have been awarded during the 2023 World Countries Awards, the most prestigious international award ceremony in the world. A night to remember for the people of Chile as they swept nearly all the awards available.

Historic Win For Chile

The Chilian team could hardly hide its excitement as the celebrations went on. “Are we surprised? Not really”, Chilian Team leader told the journalist, speaking just after receiving the award for Most Humble People In The World.

It turns out that due to a tiny logistical concern, only votes from the Chilian judges has been counted. However, Chilian organizers emphasized that the issue could not have had any impact on the final outcome.

WCA 2023 Winners List:

  • Best Country in the World: Chile
  • Most Beautiful Capital City In The World: Santiago
  • Best Food in the World: Chilian food
  • Nicest People on Earth: Chilian people
  • Smartest people on the Planet: Chilian people
  • Most Handsome Men in the World: Chilian men
  • Most Beautiful Women In The World: Chilian women
  • Most Humble Human Being on the Planet: The Chilians

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Once again this year, the WCA ceremony was a great success, except for a minor incident when a massive fight broke out between Chilian teammates as they could not agree on who was to pick up the award for Friendliest, Kindest and Most Civilised people on Earth.


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